Welcome to the DIY-RPG WikiEdit

The official page for the DIY-RPG system. The system which is totally empty and then you pick up pieces to make your own ultimate tabletop RPG-system! Missing a piece? Make your own addition and add it to the wiki!

So how does it workEdit

Well as stated before, the easiest RPG system is no system at all with no rules. But lets be honest, most of us like some rules to add consistency, randomness, feeling of choice, uniqueness or some other awesome reason. Sometimes you want all of a system sometimes just a little bit. The idea is to have broad types that get more and more specific as you continue reading. Each rule page will contain links to more specialized rules(high detail) and a link to the parent rule(the generalized rule that is specialized). If you feel a specialization is missing feel free to add it.

(Note: It is not allowed to copy rules from commercialised systems. If you encounter this, please remove the page as soon as possible as this is not legal.)

The deeper you go the more specialized your system becomes. The possibilities will be endless!

Frameworks Edit

A list of all the current frameworks to the empty RPG system:

  • SSS(Summary, Skills, Stunts) - a FATE & GURPS inspired system

Latest activityEdit

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