The description is a free form text used to define anything from characters, places or moods. It is something that explains what is going on or how the situation is. It serves as a remainder to both GM and players to establish the situation.

A good rule of thumb is to not over think it, just do what feels right. Start with few descriptions, perhaps only the characters, then gradually try adding more descriptions or adding more detail. When you feel they do more harm then good, then it is the time to stop.

It could be used just for the GM to set difficulty level of rolls or even serve as an mechanic to help players succeed with rolls that they would otherwise not succeed with.

The Character Description Edit

Could have subheadings as a framework so that all characters have the same general information contained.

Framework examples Edit

  • Simple: Appearance, Personality, Background and Secrets & Trouble
  • Questions:
    • What makes zhe: Happy? Angry? Sad?
    • What is zhe: good at? bad at?
    • Goals: short-term? long-term?
    • What does zhe not want long-term?
    • What does zhe fear?

Description as mechanic Edit

Examples Edit

  • FATE inspired: Players use for 1 point, +2 or reroll, GM use for autofail but gives player 1 point

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